Wrestling Rules & Scoring

Overview of key differences between wrestling in high school and college.

Methods of Scoring

Takedown – A takedown occurs when you and your opponent are in the neutral position and you gain control by taking your opponent down to the mat while keeping your opponent inbounds.

Escape – An escape is when your opponent has you controlled on the mat and you get away and return to a neutral position.

Reversal – A reversal occurs when your opponent has you controlled either on the mat or in front of him and you come from underneath or behind him to gain control. You escape from your opponent and take control.

Near fall – A near fall happens when you have control of your opponent in a pinning situation, but you can’t quite get his shoulders on the mat. You must hold some part of one of your opponent’s shoulders (or head) on the mat while holding the other shoulder at a 45-degree (or less) angle to the mat (or within 4 inches of the mat).

Pin – A pin, also called a fall, happens when any part of both of your opponent’s shoulders are in contact with the mat for 2 seconds.