Resting Energy Expenditure (REE)


Protein: The Essential Macronutrient


Carbohydrate Tolerance

If your blood value for fasting blood glucose (FBG) is > 100 mg/dL, or your triglycerides (TG) are > 150 mg/dL, or your A1c is > 5.7, or if your blood value during the two hours after a meal exceeds 140 mg/dL, these are all indications of abnormal glucose metabolism, and that you are regularly exceeding your body’s ideal carbohydrate tolerance

Match Your Carb Intake to Your Activity Level

Your Carbohydrate Tolerance requires that you learn to match your dietary carbohydrate intake with your exercise needs for carbohydrate fuel. The range for carbohydrate use is from about 20 grams per hour for mild exercise up to about 70 grams per hour for intense exercise. 

NOTE: Most of the information on this page has been sourced from Dr. Donald Layman's site Metabolic Transformation